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life in cruel infact..

suppose i say.. im happy when i get result that i get civil engineering. of course i happy because that is my father wish to me. i wish in..i forget that course i begin my life as U student at UMP where a place i don't know and it look like till i get here, with an introduction of place i can say, what uninteresting  place i sad. you know why i said like that? firstly, i think UMP near to town because in map that we receive before we go here, said that UMP in 'bandarMEC'. well, after i come here what are the town is the factory that left by its owner..huhu..then after several month i live here, the rule is we secondary student or what?? because the rule behave like we children. we come here just to study not to follow some stupid rule or funny rule..from what i heard from my teacher or lecturer in school or matriculation, each  of them tell us that life in U is  in your hand to handle. not like in UMP, can't have long hair, can't wear whatever dress except that in rule, can't do this, do that like we are kid. wow..this is place for kid above 18. and, with current elected MPP, what they do for student, no bus go to kuantan still the problem. like before, i get 'arrested-question' from MPP,JPK,FELO just because my dress. their want me to dress smart casual..what the f**k. dress smarty casual at night, that what i understand when they said this is not UMP rule of dress. and then, they want to change myself like them are god,ask me with powerful power. what are group of people.
for me come to UMP just to study, so i don't care that kid rule. infact my life in UMP is cruel.

life in cruel infact..


haha..this is a game recently i play until 5 a.m. a game with much and cool hero with is you can choose and become strong by item you buy and ability  you posses of your heroes  with  an increase in level where 25 level maximun you can reach. with my current ability, i simply say that i'm poor guy of knowlegde about this game but i think i can be genius in no time from now since i make a research when i play, mean i make an experience. dota is not ordinary game that you can say, just waste time, but the truth, it require skill, strategies and mind to think which item, place, ability want to use or which you run from death suppose i say. so, the heroes that i like is juggernut, troll, and travex. this three heroes the most strongest i think is troll because, it can play both (short range) or melee and long range with ability it have. and it also have a stuuner name blind. with this abilty it can blind foe and make the attack of foe miss 50 % and make a damage to our enemy.
troll also have fervor, a ability make increase of attack speed both for troll and it companion.
and with it ultimate attack or ability known as rampage, troll can attack with a full power without being worried it can get any attack from enemy within 5 second i guess because with this ability, movement and attack speed is increase rapidly. so, item that always i use for troll is power tread,burizon kayon,battle fury, the butterfly, monkey king bar, satanic and eye of skadi.
troll can have a life stealer from satanic and inteligent from eye of skadi. for damage and strength, battle fury , monkey king bar, the butterfly is the good choice for it. troll can reach till 4000 of hit points with this item and over 1000 mana.


Taekwondo (Korean pronunciation: [tʰɛ.kwʌ]) is a Korean martial art and the national sport of South Korea. It is the world's most popular martial art in terms of the number of practitioners. Gyeorugi (Korean pronunciation: [gjʌ.rʊ.ɡi]), a type of sparring, has been an Olympic event since 2000.In Korean, tae (Hangul: 태, hanja: ) means "to strike or break with foot"; kwon (Hangul: 권, hanja: ) means "to strike or break with fist"; and do (Hangul: 도, hanja: ) means "way" or "method"; so "taekwondo" is loosely translated as "the way of the foot and fist" or "the way of kicking and punching".Taekwondo's popularity has resulted in the varied development of the martial art into several domains: as with many other arts, it combines combat techniques, self-defense, sport, exercise, meditation and philosophy. Taekwondo is also used by the South Korean military as part of its training.

Formally, there are two main styles of taekwondo. One comes from the Kukkiwon, the source of the sparring system sihap gyeorugi which is now an event at the summer Olympic Games and which is governed by the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF). The other comes from the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF). There is also a more recent form called Songham Taekwondo or the American Taekwondo Association (ATA) and other variations of it such as STF (Songham Taekwondo Federation) and WTTU (World Traditional Taekwondo Union).Separate from the various taekwondo organizations, there have been two general branches of taekwondo development: traditional and sport. The term "traditional taekwondo" typically refers to the martial art as it was established in the 1950s and 1960s; in particular, the names and symbolism of the traditional patterns often refer to elements of Korean history. Sport taekwondo has evolved in the decades since then and has a somewhat different focus, especially in terms of its emphasis on speed and competition (as in Olympic sparring), whereas traditional taekwondo tends to emphasize power and self-defense. The two are not mutually exclusive, and the distinctions between them are often blurred.

Although there are doctrinal and technical differences between the two main styles and among the various organizations, the art in general emphasizes kicks thrown from a mobile stance, employing the leg's greater reach and power (compared to the arm). The greatest difference between various styles, or at least the most obvious, is generally accepted to be the differing styles and rules of sport and competition. Taekwondo training generally includes a system of blocks, kicks, punches, and open-handed strikes and may also include various take-downs or sweeps, throws, and joint locks. Some taekwondo instructors also incorporate the use of pressure points, known as jiapsul, as well as grabbing self-defense techniques borrowed from other martial arts, such as Hapkido and Judo.

That is a little about taekwon-do that i joined when i come here. so far, i join many competition as representative  UMP. i do not know why i join this martial arts since i say i love karate but maybe martial arts  is my hobby and i want to treasure every singlr martial if i can. i join taekwondo  in ITF branch. where in this branch, we can use punch to face to get point unlike WTF,  it is illegal to use punch to face. also, we can continuosly strike till referee stop us. so the point will count from 4 side referee. what more interesting is ITF have a pattern competition. it like a group of move combine in one stlye.

rigth now..i want to tell about my hobby or half of my life i spend..this is about martial arts. firstly, i started to like practise martial arts is when i always watching action movies. then i go to next stage when i at secondary school, there is new teacher came and establish a karate club. so with my heart beated so fast, i go to that teacher or i call now is sensei and sign to join. so that is my started point my my career as fighter. i training everyday without care anything like study, family, friend or anything else just because i want full focus at my martial arts. what can i say, i love so much my martial art more than anything. and, while i with my karate team, i archieve many thing that i want to reach. well, suppose to say that i dedicated all my life to karate. but, maybe this is life, not all you can do in one time and not all you can do.  


Karate styles place varying importance on kihon. Typically this is performance in unison of a technique or a combination of techniques by a group of karateka. Kihon may also be prearranged drills in smaller groups or in pairs.


Kata (: かた) means literally "shape" or "model." Kata is a formalized sequence of movements which represent various attack and defense postures. These postures are based on idealized combat applications.


Sparring in Karate is called kumite (組手:くみて). It literally means "meeting of hands." Kumite is practiced both as a sport and as self-defense training.

Dojo Kun

In the bushidō tradition dojo kun is a set of guidelines for karateka to follow. These guidelines apply both in the dojo (training hall) and in everyday life.

So,after long practise, right now, me at purple belt or 6th kyu of karate rank.  a way long to black because at my place not always do the upgrading. but  i wish i can get black belt in one year from now.

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pet that you like??

                         this cat is pretty wild, you touch it and can get a his meoww..
                         act cute..hahaha..but you know he pose to many..maybe he like to be model of cat